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Steve Outing With many newspapers putting their classified ads online, the cyber medium presents some new opportunities for publishers. Loren Needles, an expert in statistical analysis and managing director of Analytica Inc.

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Alexandria, Virginiathinks that newspapers now have an outstanding new tool to learn more about their marketplace by mining data in their online classifieds. His test was run over multiple days.

In a local market where the newspaper has its ads online, it can now be a simple link for reporters to get a clearer picture of trends in the employment or housing sectors. A look at the data in apartment classifieds can track price trends.

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The opportunities for original data to click to see more reporting are great. Businesses for years have used newspaper classifieds ads for a variety of purposes, from lead generation for salespeople to trend analysis.

Mining com jobs classified

Newspaper online classifieds present opportunities for selling trend data to other businesses and organizations. And when newspaper classifieds are included in a national Web database like CareerPath, the data is even more valuable in documenting geographic differences in key trends.

Mining com jobs classified

Colorado-based ClassiFACTS, which operated an number newspaper employment ads service and a recently launched Internet classifieds service before going out moning business several weeks ago, operated a commercial division that sold businesses access to its newspaper classifieds database for data mining. Its clients included employment recruiters, the insurance industry to track the market prices of used cars in particular markets, for exampleand even classic car collectors.

Some newspapers have long recognized this opportunity mining com jobs classified themselves, but proprietary classifieds systems typically made it difficult to mine the valuable data encased in the classifieds database.

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By newspapers bringing their classifieds onto World Wide Web services, new business opportunities are opening up in this area. Loren Needles, lrn analytica.

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She formerly was online editor for the Orange County Register.

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