Cloud juice vape wild


How do you rate this product? Write a headline for your review here: Write your review here: We promise to never spam you, and just cloud juice vape wild your email address to identify you as a valid customer. I recently received 4 bottles of premium e-juice from Bad Drip via VapeBox and those were all way too overpowering that I'd get sick of them after like 10 inhales.

This one has only steeped for like 2 days since it's arrived and already, the flavor is nice but quite mellow! I didn't expect this sort of quality from such low priced e-juice online honestly. I'm going to order "cloud juice vape wild" pre-steeps next time however because it's better than waiting two weeks for the couple extra bucks you'd shell out. Smooth Posted by Elaine on Oct 7th Been looking for something smooth and a bit sweet, but not too sweet. I can vape this all day. Simple Posted by Amber Musselman on Sep 23rd This is a very simple, not too sweet, great tasting liquid.

I can vape this all day and be content where as other flavors are too sweet for me this is perfect. I like that it isn't overly sweet but just enough sweetness to stave off my afternoon cravings. It is very satisfying.

Cloud juice vape wild

Thank cloud juice vape wild for giving me 3 sample of it with my last order. Vape wild knew that I was going to want some more. Chemical Posted by Tyler Whitaker on Mar 30th It doesn't taist like pudding it is alright but some hits just taist like a chemical i dont know why but other then that i love all their fluids. Posted by Michael on Mar 19th The juice came in well labeled, packaged, and on time. Since it was pre-steeped there was no need to wait to try. I liked it a lot and it had a very nice smooth and rich vanilla flavor.

Would definitely order again. Ordering was every easy and very fast thanks Vape Wild. And thanks for the samples luv them. Will be ordering again Great vanilla custard flavor this is Posted by Tommy Thompson on Mar 9th This is a fantastic vanilla custard vape, I have tried a few other custard vapes and I have to say this is my favorite, it is smooth, creamy and delicious, my all day vape, and the price is terrific, a must try in my opinion.

Vape wilds customer service is great, and shipping is pretty fast. Have ordered multiple times and love each bottle. Shipping has been great and customer service is excellent. I am a lifetime customer. This is a company that goes above and beyond and truly cares about the customer Custard happiness Posted by Anna on Mar 4th This will be a re-order for sure. Posted by Lisa on Feb 28th Very creamy.

Cloud juice vape wild

Everything it says it is and then some. What a vanilla custard should be. What a delicious flavor. A bit of vanilla to get your taste buds started and then the rich, creamy, smoothness of wildd custard. I just received this yesterday with several other flavors I'm waiting to try. I know they need to steep but I just had to try this one out. I can't imagine how much better it might taste in 2 weeks. This is the closet and best tasting juice in comparison and very tasty. Excellent all day vape and what I use now.

Great custard Cloud juice vape wild by Budpreston on Feb 18th Really hits the vanilla custard cloud juice vape wild point, doesnt juicce the overly intense flavor that some custard juiced do I love custards. Posted by Ryan Greenwood on Feb 18th This is a great custard to try if your new with custard I started out on it and I love it and especially coming pre steeped is a benefit. Posted by Paul on Feb 17th This is my favorite juice ever! Creamy vanilla flavor hits the spot! Satisfies my sweet tooth, and keeps me from eating sweets.

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I love Vape Wild! They are the best, very fast shipping and friendly staff. I had been hoping to find a nice warm flavor like this. Very smooth and creamy. I ordered this with a few others and VW hooked me up with 3 samples with 3 mg Nicotine. Other vendors only give you samples of 0. I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Cloud 9 Posted by Daniel on Feb 15th Previously got this as a 10ml sample, instantly fell in love, ordered alot more.
  • Posted by Mtc on Nov 14th One of my absolute favorites.
  • Not much a vanilla taste, im getting a strong cinnamon and graham cracker taste, but its not a very flavorful sweet tasting juice at all.

I'm sticking with VW. Faster shipping than the competition too.

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The best flavor I've tried in a great while. Bought the 60ml pack of two bottles with the flavor boost. Will definitely steep the second bottle to see the difference. Cloud juice vape wild flavor Posted by TD on Feb 3rd I ordered this pre-steed to see the difference in the other things I've ordered. That said, for me, it's a very sweet flavor.

I love the flavor, but for me it's very cloud juice vape wild and cloud juice vape wild so it's nice, but personally it's not something i could use all day. Glad I made the choice. Great taste and quality. Re-ordered a couple I got in my sample pack and another sample pack to try some more.

Bought the pre steeped and it didn't last long. Good all day vape. Posted jukce Becky on Jan 26th Ordered 2 bottles. Had to open the first bottle sild away, no time for steeping.

Now I'm almost to the second, I'm sure it will be even better. This juice happens to taste exactly like it for a fraction of the cost! No more "high end" name brand for me. This juice is positively cosmic! Wish pre-steeped was max VG also! Tasty vape, especially if you like the throat hits!

Hit it all day for a sweet treat. It is great alone or to mix with almost anything except citrus. It is the best custard I have found anywhere. Smooth, creamy, and absolutely delicious! Posted by Bryan Morgan on Nov 8th Great vape from the beginning! Loved it from the first draw of my Atlantis VII. The only draw back for me is it seemed to need a mixer.

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I highly recommend on cloud custard for a perfect blending juice! I am not that great a descibing flavors but it is so yummy and it mixes well with a lot of other flavors too, I like to combined flavors to try different things a lot. Posted by Craig Merrens on Oct 18th The custard flavor is great. The sweetness is a tad too much though. This is still probably the best custard flavor I've tried though. Posted read article Unknown on Oct 17th Great flavor with a smooth vape. My new go to!

This is my new go to juice. I ordered the presteeped to see if this juice is worth my time to steep. I'm about to get my steep on! Very vanilla Posted by Scott Goodwin on Oct 10th its alright kinda disappointed dont taste custard at all taste like vanilla extract like the stuff for cooking Perfectly steeped! Posted by Unknown on Oct 4th This bottle was incredibly smooth Great flavor and just a joy to vape I was extremely happy with this purchase Posted by Chantele on Sep 5th Amazing flavor and definitely qualifies for an "all day" vape!

Also great for a mixer with other flavors - especially Orange Dream! It is great all by it's self and pairs well when you want to blend with everything. Not that great Posted by Kris on Aug 25th Doesn't taste too.

And in a very good way At the time I didn't like it at all-very harsh cinnamon flavor. It's the breakfast I want to eat without having to chew first thing in the morning. But not enough to suit me.

It's okay but not going to be a fan favorite of mine.


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