Cloud mining reddit trees


What is the score of https: A cloud mining company that wont let you direct the hashrate to your pool of choosing and cant prove its actually mining bitcoins itself, is very likely a scam.

There is no reason to hide mining address or not sign blocks. FAIL 2 No endorsement from any asic vendor Asic vendors will gladly make a simple post to show the company in question is a significant customer of reddjt. Its free advertisement for them and it helps their customer grow their business, so there is absolutely no reason they wouldnt.

If a clouud mining company cant get any asic vendor to post such endorsement, you should assume they dont have any hardware to mine with. FAIL 3 No relevant pictures of their hardware and datacenter There is no reason not to provide such pictures, except of course, if there is nothing to take pictures off.

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Picture dont prove current ownership. So like all criteria listed here, by themselves they are by far insufficient proof.

Cloud Mining Bitcoin - Scam or $$$$?

Hardware takes usually a long time to order, arrive and deploy. The mining market is cut throat with razor thin margins. Referral programs almost always serve only to feed the ponzi and provide financial incentive to posters to lie about the cloud mining reddit trees nature of the company.

Cloud mining reddit trees

Never trust anyone with link referral link in their sig. So that's the trees, what about the wood? Difficulty and price have sky rocketed and as you full well know from Genesis discussions, the main question about cloud mining is the ratio of gross earnings to maintenance deductions, and whether a contract or agreement has any convertable value.

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Dragon don't detail what their maintenance charge is would probably be a good idea to add this to the list as question 9. How this works if you buy a small contract is unclear. Also since this thread started the MLM industry has discovered bitcoin mining. Yrees an ideal product for them in a lot of ways: Dragon seems to be here by a large South African based MLM operation with a pretty checkered track record.

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Would I invest in a Dragon cloud mining contract? I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.

Be aware that Twitter, etc. What is the score of https: However, that equation changes to a more favorable one when the resources being used belong to someone else. Bitcoin mining involves extremely complex and cloudd mathematical calculations. Organizations should deploy tools that can automatically discover workloads, categorize source by roles, and build behavioral models to detect cloud mining reddit trees activities. Organizations need a way to detect account hijacking and brute force login accounts to cloud environments.

Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence.


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