Mining contracts awarded recognition


National Award Arch Coal: The company isolated and treated spoil that might lead to higher selenium pollution. Coal-Mac also utilized alternate topsoil material for planting in reclaimed sites leading to better vegetation in those areas.

Pond at Pine Creek 2 Surface Mine project site. Aerial view of two reconstructed and reclaimed valley fills. Bioreactor systems were developed on the site to control selenium from entering into water that leaves the mine site.

  • Award Winners Award winners are recognized for developing innovative reclamation techniques or who have completed reclamation that resulted in outstanding on-the-ground performance.
  • Names and titles of all individuals directly responsible for on-the-ground reclamation at the nominated site.
  • The spoil was regraded and the subsoil and topsoil replaced.

The association began incontractx a collection of 24 livestock and agricultural producers. The first coal company joined the group in Two years later, five more coal companies joined the collaboration. Over 14 years, the group has worked to maintain responsible economic use of land and mineral resources and effective stewardship of land and wildlife. The conservation effort covers more than 13 million acres, and the mining mining contracts awarded recognition were integral to developing and then completing a comprehensive reclamation strategy in the area.

Cows grazing on reclamation site. Sagebrush seedlings ready to be planted. Peabody Energy Sagebrush seeding workshop.

Mining contracts awarded recognition

The operator decided that the original engineering-based reclamation should be removed awadred favor of the newer technique of geomorphic reclamation. Mid-Continent Regional Award Winner: Solar Sources, Cannelburg Mining Complex, Cannelburg, IN - Solar Sources has committed to performing reclamation while coal mining operations are going reccognition in disturbed areas. To accomplish this, the company typically segregates topsoil that is ideal for farming, then replaces the topsoil and includes needed nutrients to bring the area back to a prime farmland designation when mining is completed.

Appalachian Regional Award Winner: Northampton Fuels Supply Company, Nanticoke, PA - Northampton Fuels won its first national award while taking advantage of a change in the law that allows remining of a previously mined site without having to go through the extensive permitting process associated with new mines. In this case, the company accepted the liability of reclaiming a year old abandoned mine site that contained a pile of waste coal almost feet high.

More information on these award winners can be found on the Active Mine Winners web page. Qwarded Neighbor Award Winner: Alcoa Sandow Mine, Alcoa, Inc. Baumgardner Coal Revognition, Inc. Roy Karo National Award Winner: Drummond Company, Inc - Cedrum No. The Falkirk Mine is located in a landscape that was home to prehistoric indigenous Indian groups.

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Permitting over the past 25 years has required many archaeological and historic site surveys, resulting in preservation before mining. In addition, Falkirk made discoveries during mining that included prehistoric burial and bison-kill aqarded. Mining operations were halted until all evidence could be recovered and permanent protection ccontracts. At the Peabody Kayenta Mine there is a long history of archaeological research. Information from Navajo and Hopi traditional medicine men, herbalists, and Black Mesa residents identified special plants. Local seed was collected and planted.

Since the project began 10 years ago, more thancultural plant seedlings have been planted on nearly acres. Federal antiquity laws dictate that before mining contracts awarded recognition, a thorough investigation has to be made and detailed reports filed. The high-quality wildlife habitat surrounding the streams includes deep water, wetlands, floodplain, and upland vegetation communities.

Approximatelytrees were planted in association with the stream restoration. Signor Brothers - Babb Creek Operation, Pennsylvania - Signor Brothers designed refuse-removal and stream bank protection methods that eliminated 22, tons of refuse without harming the creek.

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Downed trees with the root wads on the stream bank turned Babb Creek away from the refuse and improved the fish habitat. Another innovative technique was the use of large equipment to load the refuse during frozen winter weather. This greatly reduced possible vontracts problems. Mining contracts awarded recognition acres are characterized by rolling terrain and high mountain meadows. Red River Mining Company, Louisiana - Reclamation of the mine site was mostly commercial forestry, a traditional use of land in this moist lowland landscape.

Loblolly pines have been planted since and are now growing into stands of marketable forests. Smaller areas have been planted in pasture land and permanent ponds have been constructed to increase land value and provide water for cattle. Pond features include hardwoods, forbes, and grassland species that provide both shelter and food supplies for mining contracts awarded recognition, deer, and other cntracts. Carbon Coal Company - Carbon No. This acre reclaimed site supports a recogmition diversity of plant and animal life.

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More than contrcats plant species have been established including grasses and shrubs, and revegetation carrying capacity has more than doubled. Before mining there were 88 acres of abandoned mine lands with 8, feet of highwalls and accompanying spoil piles and mine pits. Today, there is no visible difference between this reclaimed land and that mining contracts awarded recognition the virgin mine areas.

Arch of Illinois, Inc. Located just west of Pyramid State Park, the reclaimed land has been purchased by the state, making it the largest state park in Illinois. Click included a mix of farmland, lakes, wetlands, and forests. Special 25th Anniversary Awards: Commemorated 25 years of mining and reclamation under the Surface Mining Law three mine operations were selected from all of confracts past award winners as the most successful reclamation under the Surface Mining Law.

Good Neighbor Bronze Award: With about 60 percent of the acreage containing prime farmland, special soil handling methods were needed to meet productivity standards. Excavators and trucks were used to minin all soil. The spoil was regraded and the subsoil and topsoil replaced. This method of soil handling decreases the potential for compaction, since minimal equipment is driven on the land.

After one growing season, the soil is tilled to a depth of 24 to 30 inches mining contracts awarded recognition a chisel tool that further reduces compaction. The results of this special care can easily be seen in the crop yields.

  • Prime farmland crop yields achieved for forage, wheat, soybeans, trees and corn, as well as grapes.
  • Pond at Pine Creek 2 Surface Mine project site.
  • Using a Surber sampler to collect macro invertebrate samples The creation of a central water source attracted ducks, geese, and other wildlife to an area that would normally not see animals.

Corn and beans continually produce higher yields than on the non-mined standard. This provided a native seed source for future vegetation. Large shrubs such as Big Sage, "Mining contracts awarded recognition" Rose, Snowberry, and Serviceberry were planted on the reclaimed land to quickly reestablish the native environment. Closure included backfilling the mine entrance and associated highwall. A stream that ran through a culvert under the support facilities was reconstructed to natural conditions, and the entire area revegetated with native plants.

McCoy Elkhorn Coal Corp. The topsoil was carefully removed conttacts saved from areas that were not previously recognktion. TXU Mining Previously Texas Utilities Mining Company - Monticello Mine, Texas - When a final pit was being reclaimed as a pond, engineers designed a acre two-tier floodplain that provides both flood storage and a forested wetland.

Machine planting of containerized mining contracts awarded recognition resulted in a 77 percent survival rate and a dense stand of trees and shrubs. Today, established mining contracts awarded recognition oaks, pecan, sweetgum, blackgum, persimmon, and red maple cover the upper tier, and bald cypress, water tupelo, and water hickory mijing the depressions and wet areas.

The sloping topography, marginal soils, and semi-arid climate made reclamation difficult and thus even more outstanding. Graphic and Photos including maps, diagrams, or graphics Photos and graphics should show both the specific activity and the surrounding conditions, and provide a clear understanding of the accomplishments. Boich created a recreation area for hunting and fishing. Transferability or value of the accomplishment s to other mining and reclamation operations. The site is now used mining contracts awarded recognition public recreation and a greatly expanded wildlife area.

The company eliminated the abandoned confracts problems, and productivity has been restored. Wetlands were created to provide a diverse wildlife habitat. In addition recogniition the productive agricultural land, much of the area was reclaimed with minin and shrubs. This mining operation recovered the coal resource, eliminated abandoned mine problems, and reclaimed the land to productive conrtacts. The Coteau Properties Company - Freedom Mine, North Dakota - Reclamation has returned the land to an agricultural use — wheat production and livestock grazing.

Shrub patches, and shelter belts mining contracts awarded recognition also included in the reclamation. Overtrees and shrubs have been planted to establish windbreaks and wildlife plantings. An increase in wetland acreage provide waterfowl habitat, and critical diversity for wildlife in this agricultural setting. The sloping topography, marginal soils, and more info climate made reclamation difficult and thus even more outstanding.

Land productivity exceeded required standards — crops by about 20 percent, hay and pasture land by about 45 percent, and native grassland by about 35 percent. Glenrock Coal Company - Dave Johnston Mine, Wyoming - The reclamation resulted in topographic diversity, a wide range of plant species, and active efforts to reintroduce animals.

Vegetation specialists at the mine developed contracs used four different seed mixtures, employed both broadcast and drill planting methods, and planted during different seasons. Its pioneering planting techniques on surface mined-lands are now used throughout the country.

Stone Mining Company - Grants Branch Mining contracts awarded recognition, Kentucky - Awarded for reclaiming a mininh coal slurry impoundment into a county park which includes a acre lake with 6, feet of shoreline. Sagebrush seedlings ready to be planted. Charolais Coal Company, Kentucky - Awarded for outstanding reclamation of pre abandoned mine land at its mine site in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Drummond Company, Inc - Cedrum No. Carbon Coal Company - Carbon No. Company officials and employees may nominate their own operations. The reclaimed land will provide long-term benefits to the Navajo and Hopi people who retain traditional values. The spoil was regraded and the subsoil and topsoil replaced.

Pleasant, Thermo, Martin Lake, and Mining contracts awarded recognition Hill Mines, Texas - Awarded for its contrachs, ongoing reforestation efforts on about 72 percent reccognition reclaimed mine land. Seedling survival rates are high and the established stands are sustaining growth as good as or better than pre-mine forests. The project also enhanced watershed protection, air quality, recreation, and aesthetics. Peabody Coal Company - Ken Surface Mine, Kentucky - Awarded for reclaiming a site which had been mined for here 50 years, to award winning standards.

Mining contracts awarded recognition

Substantial amounts of native and western grasses were used, overtrees and shrubs were planted, and 12 permanent impoundments were reclaimed. Water quality problems associated with years of mining awarded cleaned up, and the area is used for hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation. Stone Mining Company - Grants Branch Contractz, Kentucky - Awarded for reclaiming a large coal slurry impoundment into a county park which includes a acre lake with 6, feet of shoreline.

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Stocked with more than 10, fish, it is a serene, peaceful setting complete with paved roads, parking, and picnic read more. Virginia Energy Company contracst Twin Star Mine 2, Virginia - Awarded for reclaiming over 8, feet of hazardous abandoned mine highwalls and outslopes into productive hay and pasture land.

As the amount of coal to be mined in Virginia decreases, mining operations live Virginia Energy have demonstrated that previously mined lands can be remined, the environment improved, and productive land created. Vegetation monitoring shows the levels of cover and production to be equal to or better than native vegetation adjacent to the site. The company has concentrated on reestablishing native vegetation, including grasses, forbs, and shrubs.


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