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Yes, most cloud mining is a ponzi scheme, but people refuse to listen. They lay it on thick, but at the end of the day, you are not mining, its all a facade to make you think you are mining bitcoin. If you want "buy bitcoin miner usb on the go" be sure you are mining bitcoin, buy your own bitcoin mining hardware and plug it into the electricity in your own wall. I suggest you learn about cloud mining here https: The guys pushing it locally contacted me to try to get us to advertise it on our website of course using their affiliate link so that they can make profit from every sign up and when I gave them a list of things I needed them to provide to prove dragon mining was real, they were unable to do so.

They eventually said they would get back to me with all the information in the next

If they are, why would they have to do so, unless its to convince another sucker to join their scheme, where the real income is from the investments of new investors to pay out old and existing ones.

The thing that minner want to focus on is getting a class 10 SD class. If they are, why would they have to do so, unless its to convince another sucker to join their scheme, where the real income is from the investments of new investors to pay out old and existing ones. These are the SAME people who had the same type of videos on youtube before encouraging people to join past failed scams. Any mining activity that has a recruitment model attached to it is highly suspicious.

You can earn BTC every 1 hour, very easy and working, good day to day profits simply and safely, try it spam link removed Balikibaba For the record for anyone here, I launched Dragon Mine here in I sent this mail to the moderator of this site 4 days ago and have not usbb a response.

Hi there Your opinion piece and advice to people on Dragon Mine refers. You refer to us as a cloud mine. You say the people running it here in South Africa have been known to push Ponzi schemes. Seeing as I launched it here, I would very much like to know what Ponzi scheme I have been involved in. Your checklist you refer to that you say we fail at almost every point, is incredibly untrue.

I can prove that too. You have told a few people that the people who started it here have many times approached you to advertise on your website. I find that strange seeing as I only heard of you today and I am the person who launched it here. Or is it just your perception and assumption that the people who approached you are the people who launched it?

Here send this mail in good faith; not to argue. In order to satisfy my answers could you please simply respond to the following questions remember you have set yourself up but an minner buy bitcoin miner usb on the go one to which people turn to for advice. Therefore I would encourage you to do this proper due diligence 1. Have you asked to visit buy mine click seen live footage of several South Africans in it?

If so, can you say what that website address is?

Have you ever asked to speak to any of the proper leaders and myself Buj Eaton who launched it here before giving people your advice? I welcome you to reach out to me, but also respectfully request that you refrain from calling us a Ponzi scheme until you have done so. Is that a fair suggestion and request? We can then let the public decide if we are fake or a ponzi.

Bitcoin usb on buy go the miner dollars

Balikibaba Just to let everyone know I sent this mail to BitcoinZAR but he has not had the decency to respond, yet still feels it his right to judge our operation without any REAL facts. They all provide contact numbers, names, where you please click for source still anonymous.

Full disclosure, i am NOT a miner or a current bitcoin user, yet, trying to form an opinion about Dragon vs Genesis, the problem is buy bitcoin miner usb on the go many cloud mining scams have stained the market for the true mining companies. Dear Mr Eaton, would you mind responding to the list referred too https: I read it and it does not seem unreasonable.

I more info not asking to defend yourself, simply a courtesy to help me and others form our own opinions. Only saw the reply now, so will respond, in the meantime, maybe you should read about bitcoin mining schemes here: And I am willing to have a public debate with you on this. Relax man, it is not on the top of my priority list. Balikibaba With due respect, I have responded with my questions to you.

You have NOT visited the mine like myself and several other South Africans have, and you have NOT bothered to contact me or any of the leaders to request to speak to our executive team. Something that could easily be arranged. I did NOT write my original post to you because I felt the need to defend ourselves. That is rather scary seeing as though you feel yourself fit to be handing advice on us out to people. I have asked you to answer my questions and I await a response.

Telling someone that you have accussed of being a scam artist to relax, frankly, smacks of arrogance of the highest degree. I would like you to answer my questions. Firstly, a real mine with real equipment does not mean the hashing power covers the payouts, profits and costs of all the members, remember that. These days with these type of ponzi schemes, there sometimes really is some token mining might be taking place, but they cant ever seem to prove they have enough hashing power to cover all the members.

Most continue reading detective work on any payouts learn more here by these companies prove the bitcoin made in payments to customers was NOT recently mined at all, is not new bitcoin, and is traced to a payment made to the company probably from another user joining. Typically most buy bitcoin miner usb on the go going out to members can be traced to payments coming in from members….

The go bitcoin on miner usb buy course

Secondly, you ARE cloud mining. Bitcoin cloud mining usually refers to the process of Bitcoin mining using the shared processing power of a bitcoin miners at a remote data center. Instead of owning your own physical bitcoin mining hardware on your premises, you buuy for bitcoin mining power provided by a bitcoin cloud mining company. This is basically what you are selling. If the miner is not in your house, if it is in a remote data center, its cloud mining. I know of some South Africans pushing this scheme, who HAVE been previously involved in the in type of mining scams in the past, where people lost a lot of money.

These are the SAME people who had the same type of videos on youtube before encouraging people to join past failed scams. The same guy who is on what I think is the proper website for drangon mining as one of the directors, and is the same guy who refused to listen to reason, and thousands lost their money believing a previous bitcoin mining venture he was doing. Obviously it was not in his interestes to listen to reason and facts, when his paycheck is depending on people to continue putting in their money right? Please do prove it, starting with all the company information and official website etc, just so that we click at this page to see more all on the same page.

Please can you do your best for all the points, so that we can all see which minner you pass and fail. You might not fail all, you might not pass all, but it will give an indication…even though that post is old, it has some valid points today. In addition, can you explain how you guys own the mine? How many PH do you have, and can you prove it? Can you provide an invoice showing the order of all the ASIC units, and or a letter from Jihan Wu for example saying they have provided X amount of power? What mining pool are you using, and what minsr username or user setup so that this can be verified?

Can you provide your electricity bill to prove the power consumption corresponding to the amount of hashing power claimed? How many blocks are you mining per day on average? What is the bitcoin address the mined blocks are going to?

Fundamental and the go usb bitcoin on miner buy you need

Can you please sign a transaction from the address the bitcoin is getting paid to by the pool? I really only know one face well, that is the one of the directors who I have referred to already. If you do know about all of the previous dubious dealings. If you do know about this past, then can you explain how you still have confidence to have a business venture with someone like this?

No I have nor will ever ask to visit your mine. I have seen youtube footage of South Africans in what is supposed to be the same mine…specifically the same person who removed comments on their previous mine videos we made, who then removed all their videos on that cloud mining operation completely when everyone lost their money. Same guy who has his face on the website I saw for dragon mining. I dont know if I have visited the official website, hence me asking bitcin for the address. The one I have seen is dragonminingsystems.

No, based on my past experience with the director listed on the website I didnt see the point.

Buy bitcoin miner usb on the go

You I have never heard of before. That can be easily proven if you can prove a link from a customer buying hashing power, to the factory in China where their equipment they are buying is being shipped from. The bitcoin transaction details can be tracked to the purchase since it is so easily traceable. I have nothing to prove link you here. Thank you for confirming that you have not done proper due dilligence on us and that your advice and accusations are based on your assumptions.

I have a whole bunch more when you finally decide to try and offer your proof. My advice is based on experience in the bitcoin space sincebeing a bitcoin miner in the early days mining on pc, gpu mining, fpga, and also asic mining, and even early cloud mining.

  • I read it and it does not seem unreasonable.
  • The thing that you want to focus on is getting a class 10 SD class.
  • Now the keyword here is powered meaning that there is an eternal adapter that you plug into the wall outlet.

I know what I am talking about when it comes to mining bitcoin. You should be incredibly eager to so, and it should be really easy to do it. Why you choose NOT to prove anything when you have the opportunity to on a bitcoin website, makes me think that you actually cant. This especially when a potential customer has come forward and asked you to please do that Schalk.

Buy bitcoin miner usb on the go

As a prospective investor I would like to see those answered in full — they could also help anyone else who may be undecided. People have tried to sell dragon mine to me and I had many of the same questions so this is a good platform mkner address them. I am extremely interested to know the answers!

Similar to your product where i can reinvest my earnings and buy more hash power, it is referred to as a cloud or virtual mine. The opposite being a physical solution where if i buy a device and you put a sticker with my name on it i cannot get more output than the physical capacity of the device, if i want more i have to buy another device.


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